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Travelocity is an online travel agency owned by Expedia Group. It has 12.4 million unique visitors and 91 million page views, making it the third most popular website owned by Expedia Group, after and of the pioneers of web-based disintermediation, Travelocity was the first website that allowed consumers the ability to purchase travel tickets without the help of a person. In addition to airfares, the site also permits consumers to book hotel rooms, rental cars, cruises and packaged vacations.

On August 2020, Jennifer of Charleston SC wrote a review on CONSUMER AFFAIRS about the bad customer service at Travelocity:

"I booked a room through Travelocity as my husband and I were taking a road trip from SC to PA. We took this trip because my husband has Stage IV cancer and he wanted to see family in his home town. We broke the trip up best we could but he was unable to make it any further on the night we booked one room, so we "canceled" and stopped an hour shorter than originally planned. Three (3!) times I was told that they had called the hotel and the manager who needed to approve was unavailable, and then actually promised the "amazing follow-up team" at Travelocity would call when the manager was supposed to be available and get back to me."


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Former Employee - Senior International Travel Consultant says

"Abysmal and ineffective proprietary airline reservation system. Very little training related to actual position. Trainers needed training themselves. Management didn't actively encourage promotion. NO company travel benefits from Travelocity as Travelocity wanted to be mavericks and not beholden to any airline. Ha! How'd that work out for you?"

Former Employee - Associate says

"Everyone has lost or will lose their job working at Travelocity because the greedy get greedier and no one cares about people, only money. That is what the world has come to and Travelocity is just following in that path."

Former Employee - Director says

"Absolutely no communication in terms of Expectations - Never received a yearly performance review, let along mid year or quarterly Direction of Company never clearly communicated Strategy changes with daily performance Bonus is unevenly politically distributed Company is now just a shell for Expedia, only difference is Marketing No Truth or Support from Executive Leadership They will use you and lose you when they are done"

Current Employee - Travel Agent says

"They've changed their business model, and seem willing to keep changing. They licensed their consumer name "Travelocity" to Expedia, and fired most of the groups associated with that overhead, except Cruise. The rest are history. They sold their TPN (Travel Partner Network) to Orbitz, and the call center people are under the gun to figure out who they can sell themselves to and still stay open. There is zero security in the future."

Current Employee - Support says

"Watching what is the death of a one time wonderful company. All employees terminated, except for a few. Expedia now has taken over sales and service. Remaining components, affiliate sites like banking booking sites have gone to orbitz. This one time leader in the industry is going down like the titanic."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else, especially working for some of the executives is more than a punishment and there is definitely mobbing at VP and C level"

Current Employee - Senior Software Developer says

"lack of leadership.. No vision"

Former Employee - Senior Product Manager says

"Unfortunately the company has too many turn overs and management got worse over the years. No clear direction and constant reshuffle of resources makes it stressful. Extensive work hours due to lack of resourcing are the norm and upper management does not seem to care."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"Like the Gnome itself the company puts on a false front to potentially beguile the public as well as employees into thinking that senior management is concerned about your needs."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"poor leadership, risk-adverse, last-to-market ideas, dated technology, no respect for process"

Associate Supply Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Building hotel rooms an properties onsite. Typical day at work busy and manageable. Co-workers ok. Worst management team ever."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Trying to convince people to join the travelocity savings club. I learned about peak seasoning and best time to travel. Worked primarially by myself over the phone.chairs were comfortable and very nice lunch roomyou can be let go quickly"

Senior Business Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Not limited by the Business Analyst role. Took the lead when the opportunity presented itself and led projects through to successful completion. I functioned in a analyst, project management and market manager roles. Worked with external clients (huge hotel chains and channel managers, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, DerbySoft, HBSi, Disney, MGM Grand, to name a few) as the liaison. Managed projects using the Agile methodology - creating the project, adding and managing stories, facilitating SCRUM meetings and end of iteration demos. In Travelocity I learned about web applications, SEO, floodlight tagging, cookies, marketing and driving traffic to the website. Hardest part of the job was the work/life balance - there wasn't any - a typical work week was at least 60 hours. Most enjoyable part of the job was my co-workers whether in Pennsylvania or local - we had a good time through stressful situations. Management is non communicative - current management. Previous management was wonderful - transparent and let us know what was happening and would always keep us in the know.Casual environment, 5.5 weeks vacationHours and drive (45 mins without traffic)"

Offline Travel Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Pretty standard operating procedures. Often fast paced, sometimes stressful but each call is different and interesting. Usually very helpful co works and a team environment.great co workersbreak times are very precise"


"Working at a satellite office in Milton FL, for was simply mind numbing and without possibility of advancement. It was an entry level position.noneno insurance, dirty offices, incompetent managers."

LEISURE TRAVEL AGENT (Former Employee) says

"ok work place all leisure travel.. But commission month to month was changed by supervisor team...I enjoyed selling the product learned alot but didnot like how they managed commission sales amount monthly....educated in so many Travel destinationssalary scale"

Senior Systems Analyst (Current Employee) says

"See above...enough said. Leadership is very individually driven, closed minded, and openly combative with each other. The amount of talent that is wasted at this place is unbelievable."

Sr. Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Travelocity Corporate Office and I must say, I am surprised how the company is still running.Management is too laid back and lazy. People do not have the drive to compete and perform well. There are no training opportunities or keeping abreast industry knowledge by attending tradeshows.Travelocity is like a government job, where you know if you have a bad review with one team, you can always move over to another one.Having worked for Travelocity for one year, I feel like I know lesser now that I did when I started at the company.good pay, laid back environment, easy workno trainings, no growth, no job satisfaction"

Custumer Service Rep (Former Employee) says

"You have to have nerves of still to work at Travelocity. A typical work day was you go in take calls and do your best to help the customer. I learnt how to deal with irate costumers. The supervisors didn't take calls too often for us. The people that I worked with was pretty good people. the management was okay.. The hardest part of this job was hearing all the bad langue. But for the most part I really like to work her it is just not a place for a single mom to work..."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Typically I worked full time, night shifts. I were isolated in a cubical taking calls from sometimes very difficult customers. If you had questions the people you'd call were frequently rude, and unhelpful. Until you could get past the learning curve and feel comfortable doing things like changing flights it was a very difficult and there was a high turn over rate."

Customer service (Former Employee) says

"very hard on employees...not family oriented. management is very difficullt to please and there are a lot of clicks in the company., only advancement is if you are dating and or llked by management. if you want to advance you have to kiss alot of but.nothing free"

Senior Financial Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There are some very talented teams, but the company has been poorly run from the top. The only reason they are still operating is because it is owned by Sabre which has a monopoly. The business is more concerned with keeping a green rating on the building than keeping the people employed.Very lenient, allows working from homeNo Cubes-All open work space with little walls, No Trash Cans at Desk and very little drawer Space."

Executive Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"The people are nice, but the pay is terrible. They tell you how lateral moves are great for you, but they don't pay you any extra money. No one has ever moved from the call center to the corporate office. Avoid this company if you want to move up in a company and get paid more money.great co-workers, benefits are okno opportunity for growth, pay is terrible, and they lie about laying you off."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"this job wasnt a pleasant experience, management was unfair no career advancement and poor stability company closed shortly after I left"

Traffic Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Managing the daily call flow, assisting agents/supervisors with any questions, and reports.My co-workers were like family and the agents were a great group of people."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Traveliocity wasn't a bad place to work , i would probably still be there if I didn't get Ovarian Cancer and needed surgery and almost died due to the surgerygood co workers, management was goodfired me when i had cancer"

Executive Resolutions Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I loved working in as an Executive Resolutions Coordinator.Consumer Relations Associate. I was able to write emails to customers and companies and kept up on my communication skills."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Power Control is an issues and struggle. This is a great place to work but for the intense call volume and the type of calls taking, the pay does not match the work, so the base it off location cost of living.advancement opportunitiesnot what its seems"

Travel Agent (Former Employee) says

"The trainer I had was very informative and tried his best to prepare me for what the customers were like. The management was there to do just that, manage you. The hardest part of the job was to deal with some rules being bent for customers and not others due to the status. I enjoyed my coworkers and information provided on the different locations the most.discounted travel, a chance to see and learn alot about different cultures.the time policy, and the waited youre treated by the people of a higher position."

Customer service Representative (Former Employee) says

"It was a good place to work and sometimes fun. Think that most of the time they are too worried about numbers and not customers. The managers there are very helpful and friendly to work with.Great managersproductivity"

Elmedin says

"Booked Cancun vacation and airline changed date to fly out day later. Travelocity refused to issue refund, will have to go through credit card to get the money back."

Chris C says

"Had to change plans due to covid-19. Not only did Travelocity tell us they had no power to do anything (anything!), but that all credits are directly with the Airline. They could not help us with new travel plans, and couldn't even provide contact with the airlines to help book another flight. And because we booked through Travelocity, though they play no role in anything, we have to book with them again to use the credit specifically for the airlines. I do not know what the Travelocity service actual does, as they seem to provide no actual service. Do yourself a favor and do not book anything through Travelocity. We are now losing $1300 dollars, have had to cancel all vacation plans and could not be more disappointed in their customer service."

Nina Pysson says

"Nearly impossible to get a refund for a trip that was cancelled within 24 hours. Kept trying to tell me it was the airlines responsibility."

Vanessa Painter says

"Travelocity does not represent the customer. Booked a room that upon arrival was filthy, had literal bugs, burned holes in one comforter, stains on the headboard that was covered up by pillows, hair all over the bathroom floor, and smelled terrible. I left within and hour (waiting for someone to help me there), and went somewhere else. The hotel refused a refund and Travelocity said, "We must explain that we operate under the policies of the vendors whose services we sell and we have no authority to circumvent or to override those policies. ". In other words, they care nothing about the customer. I used to find another room in the area and they were pleasant to work with and empathetic to my issues with Travelocity. If you want to be mistreated and waste money then Travelocity is your to go."

🤔 says

"I lost my money using Travelocity...there website was not working and the customer service did not help me....I spend two days calling different numbers to see if I can get my money back...two days to see if I could reschedule the cruise....but No...Carnival cancel the cruise and Travelocity gave me the round-around...with do this do that but your not getting your money back."

Tempy Temperson says

"Booked a return flight for my daughter over Christmas break. Needed to change the return date, and push out by a week. 1. called Travelocity - made the change, paid the fee. 2. Travelocity e-mailed me two days later saying there was a problem with the booking 3. Back and forth between airline and Travelocity for an hour, somehow booking was canceled. 4. Made the change - paid the fee. Was assured previous fee would be refunded (still waiting). 5. Received ticketing and schedule change confirmation from Travelocity 6. One week prior to return, airline contacted my daughter and asked her to check in for her flight. 7. Informed airline flight was next week - they asked told me to contact Travelocity 6. Contacted Travelocity - they advised somehow the booking was canceled. Still wrestling with through the airline, these folks do not know what they are doing."

Jo says

"I have been seeking refund for a flight they cancelled in May 2020 and so far no luck!! They cancelled the flight without even notifying me, and on top of that they keep delaying the refund and trying to blame the airline for the delay. I don't recommend this travel site."

Teresa says

"Worst customer service EVER. I tried the online chat and the woman must have been trying to work with multiple people aside from me because she took 5-10 minutes to respond to EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE. Then I called the number to speak to a person instead of do it online and I honest to goodness had to talk her through the entire process. I’m not one to tell people how to do their jobs but she couldn’t even find the flights I was looking at directly on the Travelocity app! Good grief... for the love of all that is holy DON’T USE TRAVELOCITY if there is even the slightest chance you may have to reschedule your flight. Thanks covid for screwing me yet again... only reason I’m in this mess is from a canceled flight in March when covid started. Do yourself a favor and just go straight to the airline you’ll be using to book your flights. You’ll thank yourself later."

Mohammad Malik says

"Thieves. Plain and simple. We booked accommodation through Travelocity and opted for a rate of $1,346 per night (cancellation fees apply is we cancel). The other option was $1,652 per night (no cancellation fee apply if we cancel our booking). Travelocity sent us a confirmation email which we did not see because it automatically went into Junk. We flew interstate for our holidays only to find out at check-out that our rate was $1,920 per night. We had to pay $7,680 for FOUR nights accommodation instead of the $5,384 we expected. When we raised this significant discrepancy with the hotel they told us they couldn't help us because we did not book through them directly. We went back to our email and search for the reservation confirmation email from Travelocity as evidence of the truth of what we were saying to the hotel. Much to our surprise, anger and disgust, we found that the confirmation email from Travelocity showed the higher rate rather than the rate we opted for, For the record, the Travelocity website did NOT at any stage of our booking process show ANY rate that remotely looked like the ridiculous nightly rate of $1,920 we apparently agreed to. As a consequence of this nasty surprise we had to cancel parts of the remainder of our holiday and go back home. I honestly do not know how these people run this scam but we will be referring them to Consumer Affairs because what they did to us is simply unfair and dishonest."

Thomas says

"I created an account on here strictly to review Travelocity. Over two separate incidents we've now been robbed of over $3000. I've spoken with them for a total of 11 hours spread over 18 months, and never gotten a dime. They will move your flights, and if you accept that, the guarantees you paid for a lost. I spoke with K$$$n, who claimed to be in El Salvador, and after asking him to explain how it was fair to steal from me, he asked me to keep it professional. Why am I needing to do that Kevin? This is what we're dealing with folks; a thief telling you to keep it professional after they've robbed you. Yes, I cursed, yes I was upset, yes I was rude, what else would anyone be after being robbed? Should I quietly sit there and thank them for attempting to weasel a credit my way that WILL cost me more, when I rebook as its always done? Please. When will these horrible people be dragged into court? If you work for them, whether you're a phone jockey or an executive, you belong in prison, but don't worry, I'll cover the flight there."

Peter Celnicker says

"Misleading Marketing to refund credit, not a refund! I purchased a travel vacation with Travelocity because it says in big letters full refund available. I was considering waiting and took a chance believing that they were telling the truth. I purchased it and about 36 hours later I tried to get my refund only to see that it had to be in the first 24 hrs for an actual refunds and now the best I could get is an airline credit for the money. This is misleading advertising and I feel ripped off. If the marketing had said, full refund in the next 24hrs or credit thereafter I would not have purchased. The misleading advertising caused me to go ahead and now I cant cancel and I have legitimate reasons to cancel. I hate lying misleading crappy marketing. I see the kind of company Travelocity and I want a full refund!."

Lee Richards says

"This should be ZERO STARS or NEGATIVE STARS. I should be paid $30 per hour for an accumulated time in online chats, on phone hold, etc for aver 30 hours of my time trying to handle this debacle. These guys are absolute crooks. Purchased a trip to New Zealand for a seminar in Dec of 2019, with departure scheduled for end of March 2020. Also bought trip insurance. This was before we knew anything about the pandemic. When the pandemic news started coming out, NZ hosts of the seminar told me that the seminar would be cancelled and most likely NZ government would be restricting any entry into the country. On March 10, 2020 I began the process of trying to connect to someone to cancel my flight, using my Travel Insurance. I was NOT able to get the trip cancelled until 14 days later on March 24th after spending countless hours online, constantly getting hung up on by both the phone tree robot as well as various humans that would 'put you on hold' and I presume hit the wrong button. This would start the whole process over again. I was told that the Travel Insurance IS NOT MANAGED OR OWNED BY Travelocity but a 3rd party vendor. That vendor would not refund the tickets because of an 'Act of God' clause due to the pandemic even though I tried canceling the tickets BEFORE any formal announcements were made by either AirNZ, Travelocity or the 3rd party insurer. I was then told I had to schedule my credits by Dec 31, 9 months later and they could only be used on AirNZ.....not any other airline that Travelocity partners with. I have spent literally weeks going back and forth on chat sessions, phone calls and such trying to get either a refund or a rebooking and keep getting the run around as they desperately seem to be trying to get me to reach Dec 31 when I can no longer use MY MONEY. Every time I get with them there is SOME PROBLEM and then they end up sending it off to someone else for resolution and tell me I will get an email within 48 hours (two days closer to my cutoff). It is now Dec 8th and I have another 48 hour wait for an email because the new flights I picked which were available on Dec 7th suddenly are not available on Dec. 8th. I will NEVER EVER use Travelocity again. If you use Travelocity you are either Naive or a complete idiot. You have been warned."

Jim Frank says

"I rented a car on Travelocity. Everything went great. Well due to the virus, i am getting locked into work because my job is considered essential. So i tried to change the dates. They said no. So i tries to cancel. They are keeping my money. If i rent from any car website I can cancel anytime. But apparently Travelocity will not give you a refund or a credit even in this time of Covid. I will NEVER use their website again. Beware, they say they are flexible, but they are not no matter what the reason."

Doug Farry says

"I wish I could give zero stars. I booked flights for my family of 4 3 months in advance. Travelocity’s site said I could not book seat assignments for a segment of our trip, and it would have to be done through the airline directly. Only problem is that Travelocity’s confirmation number was an Alaskan Airlines code, but the flight was operated by American Airlines. Neither Alaskan nor American’s websites could confirm the flights directly because of this mishap. When I contacted Travelocity by phone 24 hours before the flight to confirm my seat assignments, I was told that the only 4 seats available were all middle seats scattered about the plane. For a flight I booked 3 months in advance. I’d used Travelocity for 10 years - never again. They have lost a customer for life."

Diana C. says

"(Shortened for character limit) We had 3 flights to our destination,the issue was with the 3rd leg of the flights. I spent, in total, over 4 hours on hold and phone with agents in the weeks up to our trip. The pandemic had the flight being cancelled and needed to be rescheduled. The first two times were simple, yet long wait times. The 3rd included a big miscommunication by the agent who ended up cancelling the leg all together with no rebook. I had to follow up myself a week later to find out why i didn't see the 3rd leg anymore. After pulling call records and and ADDITIONAL $140 on top of my $1.4k pkg, i was guaranteed by the agent to have a smooth transition with the flight booked. Missed the infamous flight due to the connecting airline not being "in contract" and having to claim baggage, get through immigration, customs and recheck baggage in less than 30 min. Had to spend another $500 on flight to destination. NEVER using Travelocity again. First and Last time. Will repost"

Brad Swain says

"Couldnt get in contact with them, eventually had to do a chargeback because flights were cancelled and countries shutting down. They gave us a coupon for the full amount so we reversed the chargeback then they decided to pull the coupon. Now they have $945 of our money and refuse to give us anything. Assume they are losing money and grabbing anything they can due to Covid. They blamed the resort, resort provided documentation to back up their claim that it was travelocity lying."

Jennifer King says

"I also wish I could give 0 stars. Also I will NEVER use travelocity again....I booked a full week at RIU Caribe in Cancun. One of the main reasons was because it came with $960 of "resort credit". I figured, that's great, I'll get massages and such. Long wait (over 1 hour) in hot sun with the "recommended" transportation company. Then upon check-in, no request granted such as higher floor. Then....I was given room keys to an OCCUPIED room. Talk about lack of safety!!! Oh and the resort credit was a HOAX. It was coupons for things such as golf ($600 off), or a wedding ($100 off, I'm already married). It had three coupons, I could use for the SPA that totaled $35 off. Also, when I was finally sent to the correct room, my room keys did not work....I asked to speak with a Manager and I was denied. At this point, I am expecting my travel agent ( Travelocity) to fight in my behalf. I Texted, I called and no one from Travelocity was any help as they claimed that they were reaching out to management on my behalf but were also getting the run around. If you can't get any results or change my accommodations when I run into poor service, what am I paying for. If I had not paid via third party in advance, I would have checked out the day I checked in. And to think this was my last trip before quarantine!!!! It has been 9 months with no response from Travelocity, I guess they are still looking for RIUs manager."

Violet says

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